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  1. I have weird issue with keyframes, i started do fix my idle anmation to use S curves between 2 frames so i want every bone to have only 2 keyframes but suddenly when i started to delete some keyframes then they came back later and if i remove all of the keyframes but first from some partiucular bone then one of the deleted keyframes reappear immediately after delete( i guess that one is the "Real one" and other ones were ghosts but still - it should not came back. This is very strange, here is spriter project to test it : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8RnYSep1u_YTy1WREV3T1pBZUE/view?usp=sharing Go to Idle animation and "handsh" skin or "sword" skin on timeline on bottom for example and you can see its keyframes You see what a mess ? I dont animate like that, its previous positions of keyframes that appear as ghosts. Remove all "handsh" keyframes from timeline but leave first one, then look how one keyframe appears again, this happens for other bones as well, try to delete some keyframes even multiple times. This doesnt happen only to skins keyframes, it happened to bones keyframes as well but somehow i managed to remove them, and then save the project, after opening "ghost" keyframes were not there, but i did that previously and ghost keyframes came back several times. I found out that these are some leftover "ghost" keyfames that dont really affect animation but they are very very confusing because i dont know which one is real one. If you cant reproduce this i will make video. :) There is another bug i just found whch may be related to this issue or not... i dont know yet. Heres video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8RnYSep1u_YM2JVNkc2TkEzT0U/view?usp=sharing Start new animation, place sprite, then move its keyframe forward on timeline and release mouse button , move it agan , move again, as you see spriter wont autodelete main keyframe on top from previous keyframe position - this is bad, and its a bug, it should remove it because there's no keyframe for anything there anymore.It should remove that keyframe from top as soon as you will move that lower keyframe below it. My other issue is with default spruiter setting to create keyframes for all child bones of parent if i will move that parent, this is weird. I want only keyframe on that particular parent bone not on its child bones but spriter creates keyframes on its child bones as well , now i have to manually delete them from child bones everytime i move that parent bone, something to disable this would help A LOT.
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