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    This is it so far, I'll make more videos when I can. Collision rectangles are normal construct sprites once imported into Construct 2 or 3... look for them in the family folder of the Spriter project you imported... you can do overlap or collision checks for them just like any other standard Construct sprites.
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    It's all looking really good.
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    Axegroth the orc (+other sprites)

    Any comments or feedback? I've waited long to get to share my animations, so I'd be happy to hear others opinions, or get feedback from more experienced animators, so I know better how to improve. Also I couldn't find a forum about the forum rules, but if double posting isn't allowed here, I'm sorry and won't do it again. I'm not going to post here any new replies anyway, unless I get to answer to comments of course.
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    is there any tutorial ? I didn't find how to control or trigger them in Construct 2 or 3.
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