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Radius-Wing SHMUP 3d Models Pack 1.0.1


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About Radius-Wing SHMUP 3d Models Pack

For use with Blender; the free 3d modeling, animating, and rendering program, the Radius-Wing SHMUP 3d Models pack includes all the 3D models which were used to create the player ships and their individual components in the Radius-Wing SHMUP Spriter art pack.

With this pack, Blender, and the the step by step illustrated documentation and videos you'll be able to heavily customize the 3d ship, and match any design you may have created with the Radius-Wing Spriter Art Pack or beyond. Then you can use Blender to render out your custom ship for splash or menu screens, rotational sprite sheets for in-game use, or entire animated scenes for cinematic videos!

Once you've customized your 3d ship you can use Blender's full range of features to add 3rd party content, create your own content, and add additional lighting and effects to further increase the production value of your game.

This pack of 3d content is great on it's own or used in conjunction with the Radius-Wing Animated Art Pack for Spriter.

Kick your production value into the 3rd dimension, with the Radius Wing 3d Model Pack!

(3d models were created for pre-rendering sprite-sheets or cinematics, and are not optimized to use as 3d models in a 3d game engine. This pack provides content for use in the 3rd party free and open-source 3d editing program Blender)

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


fixed download link

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Yes it is fixed..
Also... i brought the 3d models because im migrating my game from construct to unreal so i will be using 3d, unfortunaly one of my ships is based on the boss pack that it has on spriter package that i have brought in the scirra store.
Is there any way that you guys put that 3d also in the package?
Here have a look in the construct version .. that will be out in september...


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Unfortunately that art was created by a third party contracted artist and he was only paid to provide the 2d renders from the model. We do not own and can't resell the model for that art. If you want I can see if I can hunt down his contact info and ask if he'd be willing to share or sell the model to you. let me know and I'll see if I can dig up his info.

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I just spoke with the artist who created the model pack and he does plan to make such a video. Are there any really specific things you want to see covered besides:

1) Merging your custom ship into a cohesive single object.

2) Camera movement around the ship



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Very sorry for the inconvenience. I should have this fixed within ah hour and will reply back here once it's fixed. OH, I just noticed you mentioned purchasing it or Spriter on the Scirra store. Is that where the link is broken, or did you purchase the art pack here on our store?


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