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How to make a good jump animation? (with fall)

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I wanted to know if anyone has a good advice on how to make a good jump animation with spriter? I already have my run animation but as I opened a new project for the jump one I wanted to know how to fit on the timeline the jump, and the fall in the same timeline. Pretty wide question but it's because I don't know where to start as on youtube there is not much on spriter.

I did only see a walk animation from brashmonkey which helped my run animation so far.

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You don't need to do a new project (if it's the same thing you made the running animation for). Just go to the lower right window inspriter and create a new animation (=new folder with new timeline) for the jump.

Transitioning the jump to fall depends on what you need it for. Is it a jump&run like Super Mario? Mario was able to do short jumps and long jumps, it would have looked weired if he started a falling animation after a hard timer (actually I think there wasn't any falling animation at all with Mario). You could go for a jump (bending the knees, lifting the arms and unbend the knees) and hold that position until a "landing event". Raised arms work for jumping and falling alike I think. Or you could do a seperate falling animation and trigger it when needed.

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