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Dreamworld Adventure pack : missing assets?

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Hello BrashMonkey Team.

I've recently purchased the Dreamworld Adventure Pack and I'm having a blast using it instead of my poorly drawn tileset. That being said I can't find some of the assets that were presented in your promo video: 


For example the "grey bloc" displayed at 0:30 or the "tree" used in the "Rolling Hills" environnement and that is later modified in Krita in your video at 0:33.

I'm not much of an artist and I don't own photoshop but I noticed there were some psd files. Could it be that the tree I am looking for is either in "cartoon_env_2_REMADE.psd" or "cartoon_env_2_tiles.psd" (Rolling Hills folder).

Either way, is there a way for me to get these assets? I could easily use those files in a traditionnal png or jpeg format and I would appreciate if you helped me getting my hands on those assets.

Also note that I do not have the essential version of this art pack (if it exists). I bought it from your web site, I did not receive it with Spriter Pro.


Thank you in advance for your reply and keep up the good work!

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Thanks for reporting this. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm not sure how that piece of art went missing. I'll be updating the pack's zip file in the next several hours to include it and will also send the image to you separately so you don't need to re-download the large zip-file.

I'll report back here when it's done.

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