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Exported Image Bug


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Hello,i'm new to this forum but i subscribed because i have a big problem and i really don't know how to resolve it,

I Was using spriter 11,and i finished to create all my animations but when i exported the images i saw a really strange thing

infact the stand animation (that has 1 frame) was good,but the walking animation after the exporting process was a sort of resized,

i don't know how to explain but the head is strangely stretched and the result is very ugly,

what i can do?I tried older version of spriter but i always have the same problem.

I will attach an image so u can better understand the weird problem :


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Thanks for the reply,anyway unfortunately

I have already selected pixel art mode and everything is fine when i use spriter,the problem only happen

when i export the animation(both in gif and in separate images),because only in the exported image,the head is stretched.

Any ideas?

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I resolved,i tried to exporting as sequential png images but the problem was still there,but when i tried to change the source rectangle i saw that something changed

then i resolved by choosing by myself the coordinates for the source rectangle





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