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Stretch out animation


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Hello everyone :)

I have a sprite of a candy cane, like this one:


And I would like to add it a stretch out animation of its bottom part without distort the image itself. As the bottom part pattern is simple (red and white alternance), I would like to replicate it instead.

Do you know the best way to do that?

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You'd likely need to use the image swapping feature, and have a series of images to extend the bottom of the cane without stretching the stripes... if you're not worried about the stripes stretching, then just cut the candycane's bottom part from the top part and stretch it in Spriter as needed.

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Thank you for your answer @Mike at BrashMonkey.

This is what I thought at first, but to have a smooth animation, I need to have a lot of images, and it's not easily manageable.

However, this problem should be handled by the engine used to display the sprite, but it will be great to have an option in Spriter to say that we want to repeat the texture on scaling instead of stretching it out.

Is there a way to notify an engine of something like that with the current tool of Spriter?

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none of the currently existing run-times supports anything like that.  Because Spriter allows for a totally different number of objects per key frame, you could use one small image repeatedly to extend the length of the cane. It would take a while to set up the animation, but should work well.

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