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Hello people

I recently gained ctf2.5 and spriter pro in the Humble Bundle. My problem, which I'm sure many tech rookies will face, is how to gain control over the functionality of the spriter extension.

The tutorial and extension was made by conceptgame and is a little low quality for a tool with such potential . I created a few animations and characters in spriter pro but when I follow the youtube guide, it either crashes, or the project comes out a jumbled mess. I have no idea how one would fix this issue due to my inexperience with programming. I hope someone can help. I put a lot of time into my animations and I feel it was all for naught. Thank you in advance. I love what you can do in both programs and can't wait to utilize both together.

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Hi SHinfan,

Your best bet for quick help is to contact conceptgame and send him your files so he can see exactly what the issue is. It sounds to me like you're using some kind of feature which his plug-in either doesn't yet support or has a bug with.  Are you using something like sub-entitles or "skin-mode" in your animations?

Either way, we'll definitely need a lot more tangible information in order to help resolve the problems.


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Hi SHinfan,

The videos I made were rather memos without any explanation to get quickly an answer for a particular topic. The idea was to make them as short as possible to only get the essentials. I agree that it is not really for beginners. I planned to make some more in-depth tutorials but I prefer to invest time solving bugs at the moment.

Can you give more explanation or send me a file so that I can solve your particular problem?


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