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Spriter 2 mascot?


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I made the red devil thing they are using as a sorta mascot right now, I was browsing Spriter steam community hub and noticed they were using it as an icon, then came here and saw it in the sale banner up there, then remembered spriter 2 announcement and thought "damn, they need a better mascot for that", so I made this little char for funsies. This is NOT official in any way, shape or form (should not have left spriter logo in there in retrospective), consider it a software-tan or something lol.


Wanted to use their idea of a sprite pixie thing (because spriter) but also make it look modern (and cute) since spriter 2 would be more advanced than the current one (and cuter?), so I took the previous logo and played around with it.

I went from the dominant color in their logo (cyan) and made a triad (cyan, magenta, yellow) for color scheme, I meant to include purple as her hair (since it's on the current logo) but it looked better this way.

Couple animation references, play and stop symbols instead of pupils, floating film strip, and her arms are covered in straps as a sort or symbol for puppet strings, because puppet animation and stuff (this one is not as clear but whatever), plus the symbols on her shirt are supposed to be playback buttons, but atm are scribbles because lazy.


Edit: Couldn't sleep, cleaned it up a bit more, shrunk the head by like a billion percent and covered her boobies so she's a bit more family friendly.


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