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Deleting/moving images form the project

Felipe Cartin

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Hey guys,

Im a bit frustrated atm. I had a couple of GFX misplaced in a folder, so I decided to move them to the correct folder, but references where lost in the animation. So I went into the animation, replaced every instance of it, and then exported the files. Now, apparently the scon file is still trying to read the deleted image, even though it is not included in the json. I have tried re making the animation from scrap so there is no other reference in the animation for that file, but it is still not working.

Can you guys help me out?

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He Felipe,

If you delete all uses of an image from your Spriter animations and then save the Spriter file, then remove that file from your project folder, when you reload, it should no longer look for the image.

There's a much better way than redoing animations if you need to move an image to a different sub-folder in your project.


Her are the steps I recommend:

0_ ALWAYS back up your project before making any big changes or removing images etc.

1) keep your image in its current folder, but make an identical copy with the same exact name in the folder you want to move it to.

2) In a graphics program, load up the version of the image you no longer want to use (the one in the original folder) and do something like scribble on it or tinit it all red or something obvious to make it look different from the good new version you want to use from the new folder, then save it.

3) Load up Spriter and copy and paste the default pivot point from the image you want to replace to it's new version.

4) Quickly set up a character map which replaces the old image with the new one and then activate that character map.

5) in the "Character Maps" palette, at the bottom left, click "Bake active to entity". This will create a whole new version of all your entity animations to a new entity, using the new image instead of the old!

6) Delete the original entity that uses the old image.

Now save the Spriter file, and then remove the images you no longer need from the project folder.
When you reload, there should be no "missing images" nag pop-up.


Feel free to email your project (zip up the entire folder with all images and the Spriter file) to mike@brashmonkey.com, with a list of images you want to no longer use and I'll see if I can resolve the matter for you if for some reason you can't get it to cooperate.

-Mike at BrashMonkey



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