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Hi everyone

i'm fairly new to spriter and also to construct


i'm making some small browser based games in construct and i want to use spriter as my animation engine

till now i've been successful with my work but now i have a concern. in my latest game i have to use up to 20 or even 30 characters and all almost in the same time 

in pc it works flawlessly because characters aren't very complex or big but i want to make sure it works good on not so new mobile phones

so the question is should i be worried about memory and lagging in my project or no it works good

thanks so much



oh i remembered to questions

why should i save both scml and scon for my animations to work in construct?


what's the mime types of scml and scon are they xml and json?


again Thanks for you time


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Hi Unknown Dreamer,

There are so many unknown factors it's impossible to say how well your game will perform unless you actually make a build and try it on the actual device.
I will say from my own benchmarks, You're likely lucky to get in the 24 FPS range with 15 plus Spriter objects on-screen for any last generation devices like Iphone 4s and the previous generations galaxy note. (these are the devices I've recently "bench-marked" on).. but again, it depends so much on number fo frames, number of bones, number and size of the images, and the actual game logic and collision detection calls per frame it's impossible to guess with any accuracy at all.

One thing's for sure.. using the new sprite-atlas using mode available in the latest build release of Spriter and the Spriter plug-in for C2 is critical to ensure the best possible performance. (it improves both load-time and FPS) HOWEVER I just this morning discovered a bug in the plug-in that makes collision box detection not work at all, so don't bother updating until we resolve that. (hopefully very soon)

Here's a link describing the new mode: https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=146&t=75748&p=1040600#p1040600

With the mode of the Spriter plug-in that utilizes standard C2 Sprite's to recreate the animations, you needed to import both the scml and the scon file, BUT with the new, optimized mode, you only need the scon file. :)

scml is xml, scon-json

-Mike at BrashMonkey


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