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Hi Iam using Spriter latest essentials edition
and i have made 3 animation for my character ,now when i export them(to png or sprite sheet) 2 of them (walk-idle) size is okay and similar to each other but the third's size (Attack) change even they all are the same part with the same size in the program, the only difference in third animation that i use additional sprite to make the attack slash effect.

why this happen and how can i fix it ?

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I get it thank you
but as an open question getting sprite sheet with different size of sprites in it (i mean player change size in attack sprite sheet from it's size in walk sprite sheet) , makes it really messy while using it in game how to solve it?

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You set the anchor point of your sprite per animation, not per entire character... otherwise you waste huge amounts of texture space and drawing on images padded with large amounts of transparency for no good reason.

The other option is to set the custom trimming for ALL animations to something big enough to fit all animations including attacks, BUT this is incredibly wasteful as mentioned above.

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