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Broken timeline after export with Spriter2UnityDX


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Hello Spriter community.
First of all please excuse me my english grammar...

Recently I started making animations for a little game project using Spriter and Unity (2D of course). Using Spriter2UnityDX there appear some weird problems in timeline right after we export animations to unity.

We reuse disappearing objects to save memory. So to avoid transition problem, animation sprites need to end with the same scale as they start. So in Spriter I made instant-like change to sprite's dimensions to 1:1 at the end of the animation. Unfortunately this solution just doesnt work in Unity.

here is scml fragment of sprite being scaled 


<timeline id="13" name="tułów">
                <key id="0" spin="0">
                    <object folder="0" file="0" x="1.087265" y="-0.573752" angle="90.734521"/>
                <key id="1" time="497" spin="0">
                    <object folder="0" file="0" x="-115.254706" y="7.366415" angle="90.734521" scale_x="1.780715" scale_y="1.763208"/>
                <key id="2" time="500" spin="0">
                    <object folder="0" file="0" x="1.087265" y="-0.573752" angle="90.734521"/>

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Need more details?




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