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last unity stable version


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I wonder which is the latest stable version I could use with SpriterDotNet.



I run a few test in Unity 5.3.2f1 and I encounter some problems:


  1. if I create the project with webplayer as the built environment I get System.IO.File error, I think is for the permission from the player to read files and folders, I change the build settings and use PC stand alone and that error is fix.

  2. I place the SpriterDotNet package in the assets, but when I try to insert a spriter folder inside I get a warning “Missing Asset: Assets/GreyGuy/feet/…” and so on. If I try to insert the prefab on stage I get the error “ ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: key”
  3. More info I spot: If I use the grey guy from the example package it works. The .meta files from the example package seems to be diferents. If I use the images and metas from the example on my test the import work. I’m not really sure about any important difference.

  4. If I explore the prefab on stage player / Sprites / Pivor 0 / Sprite 0 the inspector tell me there is not any sprite for this.

Is an issue on Unity side or on SpriterDotNet ?




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I might be wrong, but it seems the work flow change, or at least a change in the work flow allow me to import the spriter project. There is a new note in SpriterDotNet.

it says:

"**IMPORTANT: Make sure that all the images referenced in the .scml are imported as Sprites.**"

But I try to doit after I import the project, but i doesn't work. The change that help me to import the project is Import Only the images first, then convert them to sprites... the I could import the scml file and use the prefab. That solve my current problem.

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