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HELP: Shortcuts and controls not working on mac book pro


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I have literally just started using spriter and getting along fine enough its a little powerful piece of software, But....

I am having alot of trouble with the navigation inside the software, I use Spriter with a mac book pro and then zoom controls with the track pad are just crazy, I try to zoom in or out and then it just keeps zooming out until my image is tiny or incredible huge then the software becomes slow for a second and then responsive again, Very fiddly 

The Zoom shortcuts do not work, also the navigation in Z list, Palette and Hierarchy do not work very well

Does anyone else experience these issues? Particularly mac book users?

I also have a tablet monitor I work on with photoshop could it be the drivers some how? although I am yet to try Spriter on the tablet monitor 

Please help I need a fast work flow fast and this zoom control is turning into an annoyance 



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Hi Malik_Saleem,


This sounds like a compatibility issue between Spriter and the track-pad, but it might also be the drivers for the tablet monitor. There were issues like this frequentily in past builds of Spriter which seemed to mostly be resolve with the latest few builds, but it looks like new devices and drivers on the market are causing new compatibility issues again.

It's definitely worth temporarily disabling your tablet monitor settings to see if that resolves the issue. If it does not, perhaps try plugging in a usb mouse and see if that allows you proper control in Spriter.

Mike at BrashMonkey



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Hi Mike


Thanks much for the help, I have since plugged in a USB mouse which helps the problem some what but there are still random issues.

I will try without the tablet driver installed and see if that heals the rest of the problems.

another issue is I cannot see bone controls unless I zoom all the way into a joint and grab the tiny blue circle.

I am struggling to move the bones I have created properly, Is there a shortcut for bone rotation tool when a bone is selected? Or a way to increase the size of the handles?



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