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how to decide the size of the collision rectangle to contain the player in Construct 2

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Your question is worded a little vaguely. By Rectangle, I can only assume you mean a  (rectangular shaped) C2 sprite you created which you are attaching the Spriter object to.

If so, you can resize this rectangle in the frame editor to whatever size and proportions you'd like.

As far as deciding on the size, that is up to you... you have to try something, play test it, and change it until it feels right.

In general, hit boxes that can get the player hurt should be smaller than the actual animations (so a player cant be killed when a bullet touches the tip of his tail) and collision boxes which let the player attack should be a bit bigger than the visual representation of the attack (to give the player a slight additional advantage).

Am I misunderstanding your question?


-Mike at BrashMonkey

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