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scml/scon files vs sprite sheets/frames in Construct2

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Hi I just got Construct2 and Spriter Pro and reading around Construct2 they say keep projects to under 100mb although now I am not sure if that is total file size or total memory usage. I understand that using the scml/scon file is more economical than exporting whole frames or sprite sheets for animation and that in itself will be better for memory usage.

What I am wondering is when the game is exported where are the image files from the spriter animation? Do the images in the scml/scon file get decompressed the way they say the sprite objects in Construct2 do so that download size is much smaller than memory usage size?

I hope my question is not as confusing as I am confused.

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When you import a Spriter project into C2, the images get added to the actual C2 project file stored in standard C2 Sprites, so they (the body part images for example) get treated exactly as frames in an animation of a standard C2 sprite.

The memory/file space usage guidelines depend entirely on what your target platform is. Make sure if the game is for mobile that you compile and test ALL THE TIME, and optimize as much as possible throughout the development of the game.

I think the 100 megs or less thing may have been for total file size for browser based games to make sure it doesn't take forever for the game to finish loading before the player can start playing... some mobile limitations could be even more severe.. In general, keep taking breaks to optimize and clean up, and always test a ton on your target platform as you go.


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