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Spriter Pro can be used in RPG Maker?

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I know this is a rather odd question, but to those who know of RPG Maker is it possible that I could use my animated sprites into the RPG Maker game?


Yes I am talking about RPG Maker VX Ace, the latest engine the company has to offer.


Since the people there do not really know the abilities of Spriter pro, I myself must know if it is possible to use created sprites and fluent animations from this software unto the RPG Maker software.


Please elaborate if you can, it would be much appreciated.

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The short answer is "Absolutely, you can." BUT you just have to be very mindful of the needs of RPG Maker, as far as how the Sprite  sheet needs to be set up, which animations and frames go where, and what the frame size needs to be per frame.


You'd want to animate your character so each keyframe is a frame that would be exported to the sprite sheet, Make sure you create your character at the right size, or one very easy to reduce to the right size...like 2X, 4X etc.


Then you'd need to make sure the key frame are all in the right order as needed by RPG Maker...for example, the three frames for walking downward MIGHT be the first three frames that RPG Maker expects in the sprite sheet and so forth.


Then you'd need to export as PNG, sprite sheet, choose "key-frames only" and use the "custom clipping rectangle" and set that properly so that all the frames are cropped to the right size.

If this proves too hard to figure out, you can splice together your Sprite sheet from individual frame images using a program like Krita, Gimp or Photoshop (The first two I mentioned are free)


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