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Save as resized project not working properly

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We've run into a problem with Spriter. Our working assets are quite large and we need to scale the project down for different devices etc. to get the best performance out of them. I've tried the Save as resized project, but it doesn't scale all of the image files. Only some of them are scaled, others are left out of the new project entirely. We have multiple animations in the project, with different assets, only the main character remains the same.


So what am I doing wrong here? There aren't really any settings available for the Save as resized-feature so I'm clueless what to do.



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Welcome idiot,


My guess is it only reduces images which are used by some animation in the file. If its skipping images that are used in animations that must be a bug. If possible, please zip up and email the entire Spriter project to mike@brashmonkey.com and I'll look into it further.


A quick work around for now is you could create a place-holder animation and just add all images to it. Then save as scaled copy.


Another option is to just scale any images Spriter does not scale to the same percent you choose using a program that can batch process, like Photoshop or IrfanView. Just be sure you have your original, large project backed up first!


Mike at BrashMonkey

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Thank you, Mike. 


As this is a project for work, I can't send the animations to you. But yes, the assets are used in animations and one workaround that I found was to add an animation and drag every asset into it. This does put them into the new scaled project. I need to test this more to find out if it actually works in all scenarios. Right now it's a pain to add multiple assets to the animation, since you can only drag them one at a time and our project is quite large. 



EDIT: It didn't work for everything. Some of the assets were still left out from the new project. I've checked the file names and such, but there isn't any consistency in the files that would suggest naming problems.

EDIT2: I found out that there were some file extensions missing. That combined with the solution above did the trick.



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Hi again Idiot,


You can multi-select images in the file palette, then choose "Import as animation". This should make things go very fast


Naming of the images should have nothing to do with it.  just whether they are used.


I'd be happy to sign an NDA if that would allow you to share the project with me so I can take a look. I'd share it with no-one and delete it immediately after looking into the issue.


So far it sounds to me like you're expecting Spriter to scale even unused images, so long as they are in the original projects folder. It does not. It should scale all used images though, so creating the temporary animation and making sure you add all images to it should do the trick.. if not, I suggest you scale those images in a program like I suggested.  Irfanview is free.

It seems more likely to me you accidentally left out images from the place-holder animation, then there's any other reason they're not being scaled...but I really can only guess without additional information from you or by looking directly at the project and trying it myself.


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