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I'm looking to create my own sprites (go figure) and while I'm having a pretty straight forward time animating some assets in the awesomeness that is spriter, I'm kind of failing at creating my own.

I can create basic forms in Photoshop and illustrator and import/animate them with no problem, coloring them nicely is another beast altogether. Does anyone have any pointers or resources that helped them with this aspect? I have watched a lot of YouTube but I'm not quite grasping how to translate that into something I can utilize.

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I will tell you from my humble position, as an amateur pixel artist and designer.


If you have trouble you could look into:


-Character design, mostly descriptive design. Based on characteristics and history of characters, this makes the thoughts flow.


-Character design, silhouettes, this does work for some people.


Those are some of the most important aspects of design, be it characters or monters or whatever. Any aspiriing artist should have an idea of this.


IF you ask about coloring, there are gazillion tutorials on youtube, but for starters you should observe how light affects different materials and use a fixed light point in your design and colour having in account this source of light.


The easiest way is to use "toon" shading, even in old pixel art they did. that is using a few shades of everycolour and limited palettes. 


PD. I hope I understood well and you are looking into the process of creation.

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Thats pretty much it, coloring was my biggest hurdle. Using the different software is fun, and I understand most of it, but for me it is taking what I see online and translating that technique into a sprite which is difficult. I was mostly looking for some ideas on what process works for other sprite makers.

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RPGs and comic books use those same approaches to design characters.


I sometimes take famous characters and add my own twist so they arent the same. 


Colour is a difficult one, but if you use plain colours and not a lot of shades is not very difficult.


The most difficult is coloring realistic but for an indie videogame you dont need perfect skill.



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