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I have an .scml project file called character01 and in another folder I have an scml character02. I thought those 2 scml files should all reside in one common folder named "characters"... and copied character01 & character02 files and their image folders into a whole new folder called "characters"...


up to that point everything is fine.


But when I decided that I should reorganize sub-folders in "characters" folder with respective names for scml files and make 2nd, 3rd level sub folders within them as "side view", "perspective" etc and further to it make new subfolders under them as "hands", "feet" etc, I saw the structure is lost and project files cannot find the related images. I know we should set this properly before saving a new project file but in such cases when we decide to reorganize the folder structure, how do you handle this operation?


I opened the scml file within an html editor and saw the folder structure within it. Is it safe to play around with paths in the document or is there another safer way?... Do you have plans to make it easier to organize the project folder structure from within Spriter?...


Thanks a lot,

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Just in case someone else runs in the same issue or needs to reorganize their folder structure in the future,


1) just open the scml file within an html editor,

2) find the invalid paths to the images,

3) replace the invalid paths with valid ones,

4) save the file and reopen it in Spriter.



Spriter staff, please correct me if this is the only workaround for this or the convenient way to solve this issue... but mine works as expected and no more "missing images".



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Editing the html in a text editor is indeed the only way to alter the folder structure after the fact.  Eventually we'll add the ability to rename and move images right within Spriter, and most likely a way to point Spriter toward the new location for folders etc.



Mike at BrashMonkey

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