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I mean just for one image Sir, not for Copy all image in one keyframe, it is possible? I've full body rig in one keyframe (including head, torso, hands, feet etc.), I want copy just one image like "feet only" (including rotation and X, Y position), into other keyframe, it is possible?.

Thanks :-P

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I know you're talking about only one image.  Why do you assume I'm talking about all images? Did you watch the video?


Please watch the video starting at 2 minutes and 26 seconds.  It shows how to add one or more images to an already finished animation....


To copy all images (which I know is NOT what you want) you would press Control +SHIFT+c


I'm telling you to copy ONE image to all keyframes you just select that images and press Control+C, and then Control+Shift+V to paste that ONE, single, individual image to all keyframes.


If you don't want to paste the one, single, individual image to all keys and only specific keys, then after copying just manually use the 2 key to advance to any key frame you want then press Control+V to paste the single individual image you had copied to that specific keyframe.


If this does not answer your question, then please record a video explaining exactly what you need to do.


I hope this helps.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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Sorry for my bad explain sir, I just want copy the single image part (like feet include rotation, X,Y position) of my full body rig without tweening it. I always manualy copy the position (rotation and X,Y position) in object properties, haha...


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So how is that different than what I'm explaining to you?

Is the problem that the feet are attached to legs, hips etc, and if the hips or legs are moved then the feet do not stay in the same place?


If you're doing an idle pose and you need the feet to stay in the exact same position no matter what you do with the legs, the best trick is to un-parent the feet so that they are not a child of any bones. That way you can freely move the pelvis and legs as needed, then just visually reconnect the ankles to the static feet per key frame.


Does this make sense?


If there is still confusion, please make a video showing exactly what you want to accomplish and the trouble you are having because we are going in circles.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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