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Jumbled up Sprites in Construct 2


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So, I followed the tutorial for importing sprites, and have the custom save options set correctly; however, when I drag over the scml file, this sprite gets all jumbled up.


What's happening:




What it should look like:






Am I doing something wrong? I have the latest build of C2 and I have the plugin installed. Also, I just updated Spriter to Pro account. 




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Does it look wrong while the game is playing or only in the layout editor? If you're only talking about the layout editor, then you're seeing the Sprites it created, and not an actually assembled dragon animation frame.


If you notice int he layout editor, you can click and drag each body part, they are just normal C2 sprites, but are associated with and used by the Spriter object that was created.



Mike at BrashMonkey

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Fixed!  Okay, so the invisible square that is imported in along with the sprite was set to invisible. I was trying to manually switch all the individual sprite images to visible. Also, with the latest update from C2, the sprite works flawlessly while running. It still looks jumbled when imported, but that doesn't matter since the spirte's position is determined by the placement of the clear square.


Phew... Learning experiences... 



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