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Png export an animation from Spriter


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When I export an animation from Spriter, according to the animation that I made with the same character. The size of the rectangle of the object export is not the same.

It is not the same as the size of the rectangle that contains the animation depends on the movement of the character.

If my character on, it will be bigger, higher than when he jumps as his legs will be positioned differently.

It is possible in "keyframe export" to set a "Custom rectangle" but it is difficult to set the easy here since I want my Adaper the different animations.

Is it possible to set the rectangle in the "layout" with a handful of systems that can stretch and set for any project?

I hope you comprendrer!

Translated from Google Translate

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De la palabra que google no tradujo asumo que hablas español.


Para que el rectangulo de animacion sea siempre el mismo en todas las animaciones, yo lo que hago es poner un par de cuadrados en dos esquinas opuestas en todas las animaciones, asi cuando exportas la animacion el rectangulo es definido por estos dos cuadrados.


Luego, hago una accion en photoshop para quitar los cuadrados de todas las framas automaticamente.

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@tombmonkey: Cool that you know spanish, but I guess we should stick to english so that everybody can take part in the discussion. Your solution seems legit, but the workflow is still not perfect. I would like to see at least transparent sprites working with which you could define your own layout, but up to now they seem to bring some problems with them (Spriter crashed one time, if it works, it only includes the pivot point as an edge, but not the whole size of the sprite and so on).


I'm really looking forward to a fix for this, it is actually really important to create good sprite sheets.

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