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Can I animate arrow and bow in an easy way with bones?

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Hi SenJos,

Your question is too vague.

From what angle?

Doing What?

Do you need a side view or overhead view of a bow drawing back and releasing an arrow? If so, this could be done with only a few images being carefully rotated and scaled in Spriter...

Please provide a very thorough description of what you nee to do.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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Hello Mike

Here is a bowanim that I made in Illustrator, its for a sideview style game I'll make.


The 3rd bow from left is the idle bow. The 5 images on the right of it are the poses when the player pulls the arrow back.

The first 2 images are the poses when the arrow is lounched and the rope is still moving back and forward.

Is this possible with just a one piece bow and deforming it or a multiple piece bow and bones to make this animation in spriter??

I hope my description was better now ;)

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