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Rescale all part images?


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I made my character body parts ridicously big, like the body is around 1000x600 and the legs and arms are a bit outside from that. Apart from that, all parts are still insanely small in filesize compared to making each and every animation frame, and I get all the benefits of smooth animation.

However, I might want to save some more on diskspace (download time), and want to resize my sprites to smaller dimensions. Is it possible to change the source files, without messing up all animations? I haven't tried it yet, but I get the feeling that the character will look very weird with smaller body parts flapping around in air.

I could redo the animations, but if I don't have to... :)

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Thank for replying. I tried resizing all sprites to 50% width/height, and all body parts were shrunk, offset from the the sprite's center. Which means the character looks totally wrong with the body small in the center, and the legs etc hanging loose in the air.

So my question remains, is it possible to resize the sprites and keep the animations intact?

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