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  1. I found it, File > Other file actions... > Save as resized projects (and images). That really saved me a lot of time :)
  2. Thanks, that'll work. I tried something like that and was a bit confused with the frames, but it works! :)
  3. Thank for replying. I tried resizing all sprites to 50% width/height, and all body parts were shrunk, offset from the the sprite's center. Which means the character looks totally wrong with the body small in the center, and the legs etc hanging loose in the air. So my question remains, is it possible to resize the sprites and keep the animations intact?
  4. I made my character body parts ridicously big, like the body is around 1000x600 and the legs and arms are a bit outside from that. Apart from that, all parts are still insanely small in filesize compared to making each and every animation frame, and I get all the benefits of smooth animation. However, I might want to save some more on diskspace (download time), and want to resize my sprites to smaller dimensions. Is it possible to change the source files, without messing up all animations? I haven't tried it yet, but I get the feeling that the character will look very weird with smaller body parts flapping around in air. I could redo the animations, but if I don't have to... :)
  5. Ah I see, cool. I was expecting a transformation to an airplane, but the gun was pretty cool too :) Yes, locking and copying would probably speed up the workflow a bit, but it's not critical. Thanks for the response!
  6. Sorry for finding all these small bugs, but here's another one :roll: If you're working with adjusting position and easing on a keyframe for a specific bone, and tap 1/2 (skip time), the timeline scrolls to top, so you lose focus on what you were doing. Is there some acknowledging to the bugs, should I still report more if I find? :)
  7. Another bug (i think), when I see all parts of an animation, and drag the key for a specific bone, there is still a key on the main timeline, which doesn't seem to be attached to anything. See screen, the orange one was just moved a bit to the left, and that bone was the only keyframe on that position.
  8. Some other bugs/suggestions: I have a hard time to see the playhead when skipping with 1/2 or the buttons, since the little arrow/line sticks on each frame and is not refreshed. If i click and drag it works better. Is there a shortcut for play/paus? Why not Space, usually standard in video editing? Also on the easing feature, it would be great if there were ease-in, ease-out presets. I find that easing does a lot to create nice animations!
  9. Hi! Is it possible to lock the bone hierarchy for all frames? I'm a noob, but I find it confusing that if I'm on the wrong frame and decide to rearrange bones, it's only for this frame. Also it doesn't seem like it copies the hierarchy of bones when I copy and paste between frames. So I need to restart everything every time I want to change bones. Is it usual that you want to change the hierarchy during an animation? Thanks! :)
  10. I'm not sure if this feature exists, but if not, it would be great. instead of just having different color backgrounds, let us load an image in the background. It could be great for several things, in my case: - When assembling the character, to make sure to get him right (on some creatures it's harder than a human.. ;) - When trying to create a walk cycle, use a sample like the image below. Since you probably don't want it stretched all over the screen, it would be good to be able to resize it. What do you think about this? :) An alternative is simply to load that image as a sprite and place it somewhere I guess?
  11. I just bought Spriter, and I love it. It's such an awesome tool, and I'm currently building my first animation! :) However, there is a bug that happened because I chose to work with very high res images. When I doubleclick an image in the palette that is very large in size (923x1024), i can set the origin point, but can not close the window. My screen is 1680x1050, so I guess I was very close to the limit. Quick workaround would be to let me double-click to set my point and close the window. That would also be faster for images that are normal in size. Oh and I just figured, pressing enter would also save my selection. Thanks! :)
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