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Ubuntu windows manager Conflict : Alt key


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Under Unity environnement (Ubuntu default), which is a gnome derivative, Alt key is used to grab and move windows. It's pretty usefull to move them up and out and out, even if you loose headers.

The problem is : Spriter uses Alt key to put bones in animation. So : can we change the key ? Is there a solution ?

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@JIGS, I actually turned off the Ubuntu alt-click functionality. I'm not asking you to change your entire desktop setup for Spriter, but when I searched this issue, is seems to affect a lot of users over a lot of software packages. Off the top of my head, I know of Photoshop, Blender, and Inkscape all having this same issue.

Eventually we'll add the ability to drag a new bone, or possibly right click and choose a spawning action, but I'm open to an alternate key to add for Ubuntu in the meantime, if you have any suggestions.

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Sorry, I have to use an old build (8) because of libraries problems.

Good thing if you disabled it in newer builds.

Maybe you could let user choose the key like other softwares ?

Alt key for dragging is usefull in some cases. ex : when you are using a netbook with small screen while travelling.

Anyway thx, I can't wait for the next build ;)

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