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Spriter price jump and unity support

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Not to post needlessly but being able to import into unity without making 100% sprite sheets is crucial to me. However I can't stop to write an importer while I work. Is there any eta for 1.0 when importer support may be focused on?

On a side note, what kind of price jump are we looking at after 1.0 goes live?

Thanks :)

Possibly a new spriter fan

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Hi Polys,

We're definitely getting close to the release of Spriter 1.0. We can't announce the exact date, or the official full price of Spriter Pro 1.0 until we're close enough to announce a 2 or 3 week window before the early adopter sale will end. At that point we'll also announce the full retail price and an estimated time for the official release of 1.0.

Edgar is working on the final handful of additional features which will be in the initial release of Spriter 1.0. The state of things should become more clear with the release of the next build, which should be in in the near future.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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