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Anyone ever have any problems with very large scml files?


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We're still on version 5, but I guess this applies to 5 or 6. We are debating if we should split our main character into several scml files since she needs to have tons of animations that change on each level. The issue with splitting is obvious when you consider that all the images need to be loaded again for each scml wasting VRAM - all the much worse since her body parts are pretty high definition. I could around this by making the engine load each file once, but it would require a bunch of work and could lead to complications down the line with conflicting images.

I think that the right thing is to have a single scml file for the character. My partner (mprart) is concerned that Spriter 5 might barf if the scml file gets too complex, so I wanted to find out as much as I could to see if maybe is something that has been worked on in version 6 and maybe I should just update the Spriter support to version 6 instead of wasting time with the workaround. Or if 5 can handle it fine, if no one has had any issues with very complex files in Spriter 5.

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