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Time-line cursor handles not showing correct alpha objects


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I'm using Spriter b5 to compose some classic, frame-by-frame drawn animations.

In each key-frame, I'm deleting the existing object, which was the previous frame's image, and adding a new object, which is the new frame's image.

I want to use the time-line cursor handles to show me a ghost of the previous key-frame, so that I can position the new frame's image relative to the previous one. My problem is that the ghost image shown is always the one from the first key-frame, not the one in the key-frame bounded by the time-line cursor's handles.

I have resorted to manually altering the alpha of the expired image object from the previous key-frame, before deleting it, and using that as a reference instead of the ghost image.

Also, I would say that the ghost images would be more usefully overlaid, rather than underlaid, when being used as guides to position full-alpha images.



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The onion skinning works better when using a single sprite object and image switching, rather than using new sprites for each frame.

I can't figure out how to disable inter-frame tweening though. Do you remember how?

It's described somewhere in a half hour overview video, which I'd rather not have to watch again!

Wiki please :-)



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I went back through the "SpriterB2Overview" video, but couldn't find anything about disabling tweening for an object. It just describes how you do not get tweening when using individual objects for each sprite frame, which was my original workflow.

I think that for frame-by-frame animation composition, the onion skinning must be fixed to display objects whose instances have been deleted at the current time stamp, but existed within the time window defined by the red and green cursor handles.

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