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Status Update 5/23/12

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Hi everyone.

I apologize again for the lack of meaningful updates as of yet, but hard at work on a big update. The bad news is what you're experiencing now: some delay and silence while waiting for the next update to the beta, as well as an initial period without a fixed date for the next version. The good news is that this will be a huge update, and should be the last time such a delay will occur between updates. The even better news is that this update should solve all bugs reported thus far, run far more efficiently, address all the ui complaints, fix any installation and compatibility issues on Windows, and is a huge step toward getting Spriter on Mac and Linux much sooner than previously anticipated. It will also use the new file format(as well as automatically convert the current beta format). I realize I'm being a bit vague at this point, but in all honesty a more detailed description of what's to come in this update would be a bit premature as of yet, and the short version would raise more questions than it answers.

In short, we are doing something, so please don't be alarmed by the quiet as of now. The next release will mark a huge step toward the finished, polished, multi-platform Spriter everyone is hoping for, and there haven't been any changes to the long-term estimated delivery date. It will also make all future updates much quicker, and less prone to any future bugs. I will provide another update when things are a little further along.

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