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How to shift/move mutliple objects and keep their properties?

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I'm very new to this and I'm trying to edit a menu animation from Don't Starve Together to simply have some objects more centered (https://imgur.com/a/sP86iR4). The animation has many objects and I would like to shift the selected ones "X" and "Y", and still keep their animations/properties across all keyframes, basically just moving a select bundle of objects down/up/left/right with their animations. 

The closest thing I've seen work to how I would like it is the ctrl+u -> move object -> ctrl+i (New Feature, copy change to all keyframes - YouTube) to shift the objects but this seems to work only for a single object OR, selecting a single object and copying the item property to " X,Y,Y-Scale,etc" for all frames. I would like to do the same thing as those but for multiple objects. Is there any way to do so? Thanks in advance.

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Welcome Sir.


Unfortunately there's no way to do this to many objects at once. There is, however, a way to change ALL of the positions of all objects across all frames uniformly, which you do my holding the M key and left clicking and dragging on an empty spot of the canvas. This will move the zero/zero central coordinate relative to all objects across all keys, which is actually moving all objects uniformly.


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