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How do I update a Spriter object in Construct 3

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I asked this over on the Construct 3 forum but thought I might get a better answer here. 

I have a Spriter object with multiple character maps. These maps are meant to be purchasable skins. I have a starting set but plan on adding more after the game is released.

What I would like to know is, what is the correct way to update the Spriter object each time I add a new character map?

I have found a way to update the project but it requires opening the project file in zip software. Finding the folder that contains all the images. Adding the new images to the archive renamed to match the naming scheme of the loaded files (this isn't easy because the naming scheme doesn't always contain the name of the original file so I have to deduce the name and hope it is correct). Then, I have to paste in the scon file text into the scon file in Construct. If I have done ALL those things correctly, then and only then, will the new character map be usable.

This all seems like WAY more work than it should be. So, I am wondering what is the correct way to do this? Thank you in advance for your answers.

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It's good timing that you asked. Edgar just posted this update today:

regardless of the fact it should soon be very simple, you currently can replace the scon file directly in C3 by deleting from the files folder in the project explorer and re-import it, however, if you've added new images then it get's more complicated...

If it's in the draw self mode and only uses one texture image for all the body part images, then you can just edit the Spriter objects image and load in the new image which includes the additional images.

I suggest you hold off a few days and see if updating becomes really easy.

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