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Michael Gaddi

Examples of front running animations using spriter?

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So I need to animate a guy running from the front view. The style of my character is on the realistic side with normal human proportions. He has different materials with textures for his design as well.

Anyone have examples of spriter animations which I can view with these criterias?

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Anything but side view is much more difficult in any 2d animation system, even drawing on paper... the big issue is you can't even use bones for the limbs for the most part and likely have to use mostly image swapping for moving the limbs in perspective across the animation, especially if the style is detailed and realistic.

Even if someone made a tutorial example it might not help you because it would depend greatly on the visual style of the art but also the animation style you are after.

If you post an image of the character itself (ideally a single frame of him running forward) someone might be willing to help.


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