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Export Flashing/Glitching

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No, sorry, I've never seen this issue before. Are you exporting at a scaled down size or full size? If you can't find a setting change to resolve this you could export as sequential PNG images and find a third party program that merges sequential images into video files. I know there are several free ones for windows.. I'm not sure about for Mac.

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I have tried different export sizes, different assets, sequential PNG works fine but, I specifically need .gif for my project and I don't want to add more steps to my workflow. The software seems unstable on my version of mac and doesn't play well with the touch pad, small movements during scrolls are huge in translation. It is unpredictable with intuos as well, if the pen goes out of surface range it will close the pivot set box. These all add up to a poor experience for my development process. I tried to get a refund from steam but, they denied me cause I have 6 hours on the software. I hope to give it a crack in a few years if mac support improves. Is there anyway for me to get a refund directly?

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 11.32.03 AM.png

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