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Shane Peters

Can't seem to get my export into C3

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I have tried both of the ways to import my zip filed export from Spriter, into C3, but I have had zero luck. It shows me a "Move" icon, as I hover over the project layout, then when I let go, nothing seems to happen. I can't find any of the files in C3, and for all I can tell, nothing has happened. I really need to find out what's going on, as I have a deadline coming up, and this is really stressing me out. Thanks in advance!!!!

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Hi Shane,
Please do the following:

1) Make sure before you save your Spriter file you have all the special saving options turned on.

2) Make sure you do not zip the folder of the Spriter project, but instead zip all the files in  the folder into a zip file.

3) Make sure the zip file name is the exact same name as the .scon file except for the '.scon' and '.zip' extensions.

If you're doing all this and it's still not working please make a screen recording showing this process and the resulting error and/or zip up your entire Spriter project and email it to mike@brashmonkey.com so I can trouble-shoot and find the problem.

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