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Opacity (Alpha) turned my sprite into Add/Glowing/overlay when played inside Construct 3, instead of transparancy

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Hi, i use spriter pro and construct 3.

I did a transitional animation from 1 sprite to another one. to get 'morph/change' effect.
It look fine in spriter.
But when i put it inside the game in Construct 3, the sprite that use alpha (opacity) is turned to be Overlay/Add/Glowing.

I tried to look at the json file, and can't find anything related to overlay/add layer.

Below is screenshot from my spriter pro. The one that use alpha is the ground part.

And the next one (cropped) is the screenshot from the image after i put inside the game. Also when it played on any of my browser (chrome, safari, etc)




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Hi Vania,

By the look of it, that's not additive, that's just displaying all semi-opaque pixels up to a very high threshold as 100 percent opaque. 
There's a good chance It's Construct 3 that is not liking the particular format your PNG's were saved out in. You might want to try loading the images into something really generic like krita or Irfanview (both free programs) and re-saving them to see if that fixes the issue.

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