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Help! Can't export Gif or numbered image files

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I have made a number of gifs on Spriter - but now when I try to export nothing is saved for image files - and it crashes every time I try to create a gif. 

As far as I know the settings are the same - I don't understand why  - and I am getting pretty frustrated. I did try to upload a new version - not sure if that made this happen. 

Thanks for helping me. 

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The last several people to report this had an unknown/forgotten image in one or more key-frames many thousands of pixels away from the central point of the canvas, which would completely blow up the memory and size limitations for a Gif or sprite-sheet export.

Please make sure this is not the case. If you can't find anything like that, please zip up the entire project (the main folder with the scml file and the images it uses) and email it to mke@brashmonkey.com and I'll take a look.

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