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Possible to change shortcuts?


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I'm running Spriter on Linux (Arch 64 bit) via Steam and I've hit the problem with using the Alt key with left click to create bones. I noticed that there's a thread on the Steam discussions from 2016 saying this would hopefully be fixed in the next build. I'm therefore assuming there's an option somewhere to tweak the shortcuts, but I can't find it anywhere - Settings only has AutoSave options and nothing else...

Also, assuming it is possible, does anyone have any recommendations for a good shortcuts combination that doesn't clash with existing shortcuts?

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Never mind - I've discovered that holding down the Windows key (or whatever the equivalent on your keyboard - I really should get around to getting an Arch or a Tux key) before holding down Alt-Left Click overrides the window manager behaviour and allows me to create bones in Spriter. I would imagine it also works in other apps that use this shortcut.

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