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Manipulate image(s) in CharMap > update portrait

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Hi there,

I slightly modified chest_front_5 in RPG pack 128 but the modification doesn't show in portrait. Do I need to modify portrait also?





In the portrait, the vertical brown stripe in the center of the chest remains; it looks great in the other animations.

How do I make it so the portrait reflects change?

Is this an acceptable method of modifying sprites in Spriter pro?

Thanks so much :)


I did try to search for an answer to this both here and elsewhere but I did not find an answer.

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If I understand you properly, yes, you'd have to update the portrait manually too. They are separate hand drawn images. The program has no idea if and how you modified one and can not artistically interpret your changes and translate that to the large portrait chest images.

just find the folder with the chest images and edit that to match your new design.


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Thanks so much Mike,

You understood me exactly. I updated the portrait.

Updating the portrait (and the smaller png) with paint.net yielded good visual results in Spriter Pro but I was concerned whether the png was "indexed" as mentioned on page 28 of the manual under "Using Spriter's Custom Color Features" so I made the changes again in GIMP but the visual results showed obvious artifacts so I made the changes again with paint.net but opened the png afterwards in gimp and converted it to "indexed mode" (Image>Mode>indexed). This yielded good visual results. I have added the modified portrait for you to see here. 

Question. What are the chances I will run into trouble later if I'm not careful about indexed color mode? Is it just a matter of memory used or a matter of whether the program will run on all platforms? Please don't put a lot of time into your answer as I can do that myself; I only ask in case you know the answer off the top of your head.

Thanks so much!



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Thanks :)

Is there an easy way to do that? Am I going about this the wrong way?

What I'm trying to accomplish is this; I want to modify this character to meet my needs and take advantage of all the work that has been put into pack 128 regarding animations, pivot points, etc. If I can just modify some of the sprites to my liking and then use the animations and file structure, it would obviously save me lots of time. I added a screenshot below in the GIMP including the pallet editor and colormap; I was just trying to figure out a way to match the index. My method has been to use the color picker to choose a color already used and paint with it only in an effort to preserve the color index .

I plan to use the sprites already made in this pack with slight modifications every now and again. Is this something that is acceptable and has been done before?

I am early on in this project so I could just make my own sprites if I need to. Also, I suppose I could make use of the many modifications already built in in the way of changing colors and such  and just come to terms with the minor issues I have with some sprites; I'll start experimenting with this in the meantime.


Sorry for the long reply,



gimp-2.8_2019-01-06_16-16-03.thumb.png.d7d48058ea57316ead26ad3dc7f7d813.pngAnother thing I want to do is add legs to the portrait - with animation.


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It would help to use a graphics program specializing in indexed graphics modes (pixel art) as opposed to programs more dedicated to high res full color photo manipulation etc.
It's ideal to use a graphics program that keeps the color palette intact when loading and saving it.

I personally use Pro Motion NG, but any pixel art creation software should work the way you need with the least hassle.

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