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Looking for tutorial for drawing character for Spriter Pro

Robert Thurman

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Hi I just purchased Spriter Pro, It looks cool!, however I am not good at drawing character perspectives(side showing both feet for cutting and editing for use in Spriter) for games, and I know nothing about where to start on sketching a character for use in spriter, I was wondering if anyone knew of any tutorials or books that could help me on my journey?,

Thanks for your time. :)

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You can search the internet for tutorials on drawing sprites, modular sprites, characters and cutout animation techniques. Any drawing knowledge you can get will be useful. The usual workflow for modular sprites as in Spriter or other similar tools is:

1) Decide what the overall look of your character will be

2) Draw it the way it`ll look in the game - as a whole character and usually in idle pose. If you work in layers it`ll help you in next step

3) If you drew separate parts in layers, then just split them and export them as pieces

4) If you did not draw them in separate layers, then cut them and create the layers, drawing some extra area where the parts` joints will be

Please go through the Spriter tutorials:  https://www.youtube.com/user/BrashMonkey and the Spriter Manual: http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter_manual/index.htm in order to get some idea of the program, workflow and how things work.

Then check the internet for any drawing tutorials you can find. For example:




And so on. Just keep in mind that if you don`t have any drawing skills, then it`ll probably take a while.

Good luck!




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