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  1. Hi I am making a character for a game who will be a guide like this dude here in the youtube video, I have already got my character broken up into pieces for animation, The problem is I don't know how I would animate the toes wiggling? Toes Move https://youtu.be/NUFnMtf-7h0?list=PLgIVjvSpYdFIoXULx-fLs6mOzUpgf2Of_&t=142 I also don't know how I would make a separate animation with the character speaking(using lip sync) Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you :)
  2. Sorry about the slow reply, thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!. Is it okay if keep you updated on my progress of my first character in case I need some more guidance on the matter? Thanks again
  3. Hi I just got the free Animated Art Packs for Platformer and Adventure and was wondering why the Cat sprite on the trailer has been replaced with a sprite known as Wonky Skeleton?, is their any way to still get the cat sprites?
  4. Hi I just purchased Spriter Pro, It looks cool!, however I am not good at drawing character perspectives(side showing both feet for cutting and editing for use in Spriter) for games, and I know nothing about where to start on sketching a character for use in spriter, I was wondering if anyone knew of any tutorials or books that could help me on my journey?, Thanks for your time.
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