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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Everyone, This will evolve into an official "troubleshooting list" which I'll update with the most frequently reported issues and their solutions. If you do not find the solution to a problem you're facing with Spriter in this list, please report it in this thread. Thanks. 1) Spriter refuses to open! (Windows) The first thing you should try is downloading the following link, unzipping it, and running the resulting installers: https://brashmonkey.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1838&key=435c1b06fcf5ea5ed3c29a4f1325d850 If that doesn't work, try the other options below, but first try restarting your system. We've heard from many users that installing the trial or full version of Adobe creative suite./Photoshop resolves this issue! It must install the dll file that Spriter needs during it's install process. https://www.adobe.com/sea/creativecloud/start-with-free-creativecloud.html If you don't want to or can't install the Adobe creative cloud, then please do the following: Please install the Visual Studio 2013 C++ runtime. If you are on 32 bit Windows you only need the 32 bit version (x86). If you are on 64 bit Windows, you will need to install both the 32 bit (_x86) and 64 bit versions. http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/5/6/056dcda9-d667-4e27-8001-8a0c6971d6b1/vcredist_x64.exe The 32 bit version can be found here:http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/5/6/056dcda9-d667-4e27-8001-8a0c6971d6b1/vcredist_x86.exe IMPORTANT: If you try to install Visual Studio 2013 and the installer says you already have a newer version, then you need to uninstall the newer version so that 2013 can successfully install. Windows update will later install the latest version, but you'll keep the DLL Files Spriter needed. ATTENTION WINDOWS 11 USERS: For one user, Spriter still wouldn't work after trying all of the above fixes, but then found info about another program which also woudn't start on Windows 11 and the same solution for that program worked for his Spriter issue. Here's what he did: "I copied (don't move!) from C:\Windows\SysWOW64: mscvp100.dll msvcr100.dll msvcr100_clr0400.dll xinput1_3.dll and from C:\Windows\System32 mfc100.dll mfc100u.dll ^^ Again copy those don't move them or you will break other things! to the base Spriter directory (C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Spriter\) and it now works." 2) When I re-open my Spriter project, some or all images are missing! Don't forget, Spriter files are only text files that store coordinates, angles etc, and only make reference to the image files that are being used. This means if you move the image files to a new location (or delete or rename them) OR move the Spriter file to a new location separate from where the images were, the Spriter file will no longer be able to find the images that it needs. For this reason, when starting a new Spriter project, always create a folder just for that project, put all the images you'll be needing in that folder (organized in sub-folders as needed) and then create your Spriter project/file into that project folder you've just created. 3) When I start Spriter, there are graphical glitches or a black canvas area and I can't drag my images to the canvas. There is a known graphic-driver compatibility issue that especially effects some Macs that causes these types of problems. Try choosing View/Disable Open GL from Spriter's menu and then restarting Spriter. This will hopefully resolve the problem. We'll continue to try to improve performance and compatibility issues with future free update builds. 4) When I try to export a finished animation as PNG images, GIF etc. Spriter hangs up or crashes. This sort of problem can be caused by a couple of different reasons: Spriter might be running out of memory during the export process.. This limit will depend greatly on your hardware's own specs, but trying to reduce the scale of your project, the desired FPS or changing the cropping of your animation to a smaller custom rectangle might resolve the issue. A French Spriter user recently discovered that having Spriter installed in a folder that uses non English characters such as "ç" or "è", or having your Spriter project folder of image sub folder names etc including such characters was the cause of crashes they were experiencing while trying to export his animations.
  2. Hey everyone! I want to start of by saying, thank you for an awesome tool. I started using Spriter a couple of weeks ago and it is already a permanent tool of my workflow. It's just that when I have used Spriter I have also realized that I have a problem with it, but it rarely happens. The problem is that whenever I have a spriter object come too close to the edge of my viewport in Construct 3 it suddenly dissapears. Why is this happening? It doesn't matter which edge it is, it's just that if I move a sprite (a moving character in the game) and it gets close to the edge it turns invisible and then turns visible as soon as I move back and I'm not as close to the edge. Is there some kind of setting which makes the spriter objects turn invisible when getting close to the edge to save size or something like that? I have checked through all different events and settings in both Spriter and Construct 3, but I can't find anything. I would be so happy if anyone could help me out! Cheers!
  3. Perhaps I should save some time and start with this question that I can't find the answer for, does Spriter require a dedicated graphics card? If it does, I suppose I'm just out of luck, but if it doesn't, I still have no idea how to fix this. Every time I load Spriter it crashes. I've bought the steam pro version and tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and I've tried downloading the free version, but it just crashes everytime at this screen. I've downloaded and updated the Visual Studio Runtimes to no avail. Is there anything else I should try and how can I give you guys more information about my crashes?
  4. When I found this program, I was like, "whoa, how can this be so simple yet still damn good?" Only thing that I cannot figure out how to get sound. I have .wav files (shortest being two seconds long). Spriter shos them in my pallette, but then... nothing. Tutorial says that they should start playing when I click them, but they don't. When I try to drag a sound file to the timeline or the canvas, nothing happens. Cursor shows that little red "you can't drop it here" -sign. What am I doing wrong? I'm pretty sure it's just some rookie mistake, but I can't figure it out.
  5. Hi I have literally just started using spriter and getting along fine enough its a little powerful piece of software, But.... I am having alot of trouble with the navigation inside the software, I use Spriter with a mac book pro and then zoom controls with the track pad are just crazy, I try to zoom in or out and then it just keeps zooming out until my image is tiny or incredible huge then the software becomes slow for a second and then responsive again, Very fiddly The Zoom shortcuts do not work, also the navigation in Z list, Palette and Hierarchy do not work very well Does anyone else experience these issues? Particularly mac book users? I also have a tablet monitor I work on with photoshop could it be the drivers some how? although I am yet to try Spriter on the tablet monitor Please help I need a fast work flow fast and this zoom control is turning into an annoyance thanks
  6. Hi. I've been having this problem since the previous update and the current one (Spriter_r4_1). I can open and work normally with it, but if I close it, or crashes, or change project, then I can't open the software again. For it to re open I have to restart the computer and I find very unpractical. On Windows task manager the process appears (more than once if I try to open it multiple times) but even ending the process (or process tree) I still can't open it. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Hello there, i'm trying to download the OsX trial from the website, the file size it must be around 65MB but, the download finish around 20MB and i cant install. Who can help me? Thanks.
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