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Found 2 results

  1. Gdevelop can use JavaScript code events. So, surely theres a way to bring Spriter to life in Gdevelop? If so please post how to.
  2. Hello! I posted about this a while back and didn't get any response. When I make an IK chain with a locked end point, it only partially works. While moving my bones around, everything works like it should, but if I create a keyframe and animate or scrub through the timeline, the animation that it plays has that end point moving around! I keep coming back to it and thinking maybe if I try again or follow a tutorial more closely I can make it work, but no luck. Anyway, this time I recorded myself with a full-screen recorder so you can see my entire process. I even annotated it: Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? Is there a sample project (like the grey guy) that uses IK so I could see if it isn't some kind of weird hardware issue? Here's another video I made earlier (with a rigged character) that demonstrates the problem a little more dramatically, but doesn't show the outer work area. It's supposed to be kneeling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AxUWgm115M Thanks
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