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  1. Just wondering, is the aforementioned FFD features in the video in the post above mine supported in Unity at the moment at all? I've been using the (free) "Unity Sprites and Bones" asset up to this point for FFD, but I was wondering if I could use Spriter now for this task in the R9 version? It would be amazing if Spriter was up to this task because it's so much more intuitive than Spine or USAB in its implementation, but I'd like to actually be able to USE it for FFD. There was a point where I wanted to pay for (the ridiculously-expensive) Spine program (in addition to Spriter!) solely for its FFD feature, but I found Unity Sprites and Bones (a native Unity animation utility) for this, so I really needed neither that program, nor Spriter. However, looking at it now, Spriter actually does FFD more intuitively than Spine it seems, and I would totally prefer it now over both Spine and USAB to work in -- that is, IF I could only get its FFD animations into Unity! Since the Unity Sprites and Bones asset does everything for me that I'd need Spriter for, I've yet to dust-off my copy of Spriter to do anything with it, and that's very sad really because I'm still a huge fan of Spriter since the beginning, as it's a lot more intuitive and useful than Spine, but it lacks basic functionality to be able to compete in today's 2D market without the FFD feature. When a free program developed in a guy's spare time can provide more intrinsic-value to the customer than something worked hard on for so long by you guys -- that's quite the reason to take notice. As a person who has supported Spriter for a very long time, I've been pretty sad I've been unable to actually USE it for so long that I've admittedly quit following its updates because the one feature I've needed so long has been MIA, and without a date when it might be available... As a ray of hope though, I seem to have read somewhere that Spriter does currently support FFD somehow, but as an unsupported feature. Which kind of takes me back to my original question: is it (FFD), or is it NOT, supported to some extent in Unity right now? D:
  2. Gotcha. I just thought the other topic was buried too much to notice, plus it was Mac-focused. I just wanted to be sure it was known it was broken on windows too still in the case that the Mac version was fixed already.
  3. I'm planning on writing a plugin at some point for Spriter still, but I'd have to have this information exported to the SCML file at least in order to do it properly. Hopefully it's a priority. Would help speed things up at runtime if this were precalculated upon saving the file in Spriter.
  4. Does this export with the SCML file somewhere? Basically, do you save the exact width and height each frame takes up (with rotation, scaling, etc.) and the maximum width and height the entire animation takes up (also with rotation, scaling, etc.) in the SCML file? I need these numbers to precisely position graphics, collisions, etc. in the game world and to create a generic bounding box I can use for the entire image, but I don't know if these two things are possible to find out.
  5. Ace

    Export to Unity

    You'll probably have to code it yourself in unity using the SCML file.
  6. viewtopic.php?f=9&t=12495 That thread already goes over it, I found it before I found this forum. I can't delete keyframes with delete key on Windows 7, Spriter Free b4. I have a post there that's pending approval atm.
  7. I second the idea of using the spacebar to play/pause the animation.
  8. I started a brand new project and still cannot delete a keyframe. I'll just paste the SCML code here. I just used the default monster sprites in a folder on my desktop containing their respective subfolders. I'm using version b4 of the free edition on Windows 7. Also, possibly unrelated to this problem, it lags horribly when I try to load the example monster's SCML file after downloading the file directly and then trying to load it into Spriter. It seems to load, but when I try to play the animation, it just hangs and hangs on each frame. It also doesn't seem to load from a shortcut location on a synchronized folder shared over the network (even if the files are saved locally). It worked fine when I copied the images directly to the desktop though. This is the full example file location copied out of the folder's location bar: \\ZEROPC\Users\Ace\Desktop\game making Finally, here's the SCML code generated when I made my new file and created a keyframe: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
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