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  1. Greatly Appreciated CptDefault! Man your fast, good stuff :) Here is a demo using spriter & Ngui, works AWESOME! http://www.kodagames.com/spritertest/SpriterSetup.html Also a quick Video of how to use it with Unity http://vimeo.com/70291907
  2. Thanks Lucid Im now posting in that thread :) having a rough start but hopefully on the right track :) Sincerely, Michael
  3. This video shows the workflow of using Spriter with Unity3d through NGUI and is an AWESOME addition for Unity. http://vimeo.com/70291907 Here is a demo webplayer from the How-To video above. http://www.kodagames.com/spritertest/SpriterSetup.html
  4. Hello, How would I export a animation into Unity3d? The only options I see inside of Spriter is export to png which just exports all of the frames to single images. Is there another way I should be exporting these possibly to get an animation file with some objects? Is this something thats not available yet? or how should I proceed with Spriter & Unity? Sincerely, Michael
  5. Is there another way to implement this into Unity without having to purchase one of the other plugins? I really want to purchase this but having to spend $65 or more for a plugin to use this, plus the purchase of this is really tough when your on a indie or almost nothing budget. Also will Spriter work with PC and MAC?
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