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  1. Very sorry for the inconvenience. I should have this fixed within ah hour and will reply back here once it's fixed. OH, I just noticed you mentioned purchasing it or Spriter on the Scirra store. Is that where the link is broken, or did you purchase the art pack here on our store?


  2. 48 minutes ago, Keeping Faka said:

    Guys sorry but...but...is there no way to export the PNG animation? for now you can only save project (with bug) and not export? I really need it ... when will you wear it? I understand the work, the work you are doing and I appreciate it so much, but exporting even in the initial stages is fundamental for testing. Thank you

    The latest alpha build, released about a day ago, can export to many animation formats or sequential PNG images. Have you tried it yet? You need to download and install a new Spriter 2 file, the previous build won't auto-update to this latest version automatically.

  3. 22 minutes ago, omnicatalyst@gmail.com said:

    Hey folks! Is the Unity support up and running, or is that coming in a future build? I read on the thread that it's a priority for you guys, just curious on timing. Thanks!

    Unity support will be nearly from day one, but it's too early for any run times because the core features of Spriter 2 are not all present and fully integrated with the others.

  4. On 2/3/2019 at 2:19 PM, nhandsig said:


    Can it run on window 32 bit?

    Not currently and we can't guarantee it will. To give you an idea, about 2 percent of total Spriter users run it on a 32 bit variation of Windows, and this of course only gets smaller over time. It's highly likely it would demand a highly disproportionate amount of work to maintain and debug a variant for such a small and shrinking user base.
    It's not impossible though.. we won't know for sure until we do some testing once the alpha is further along.

  5. Unfortunately that art was created by a third party contracted artist and he was only paid to provide the 2d renders from the model. We do not own and can't resell the model for that art. If you want I can see if I can hunt down his contact info and ask if he'd be willing to share or sell the model to you. let me know and I'll see if I can dig up his info.

  6. Sorry, I just spotted this question. For feature questions, please email support@brashmonkey.com

    You were sent an email with download links for the Essentials version of this pack...to the email address you used to make the purchase originally.
    If you need it resent, please email me at mike@brashmonkey.com and tell me what that email address was. Thanks.

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