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  1. You had mentioned that, I did it multiple times after multiple reinstalls of the software, I copied and pasted the msvc files from the system32 folder into the install folder, I used the registry files to enable and disable the openGL and reset the program settings and nothing worked. I even bought a copy of pro from steam thinking that they would be able to install the necessary software to get it working, turns out they couldn't do it either as they thought the 2017 versions of VS would work which meant me having to remove them to get the 2013 installed. That's why I ultimately had
  2. I'm only using the windows 10 firewall and virus protection. There's literally nothing on my pc that could have caused the issue, one day its working the next its gone to hell. I ended up just reformatting my pc with a new version of windows 10, Steam installed Spriter Pro with 2017 versions of the VS c++ redist, even with a new build the app wouldnt launch, I had to uninstall them and install the 2013 versions to get the software to finally work, now on to putting eveything else back onto the pc. I don't know how difficult it is to create software, I'm a game development student so
  3. I checked my install and it came back as r11, it was downloaded from the official site. I've pulled the trigger on Spriter Pro on Steam thinking steam would do the heavy lifting for my pc and install what needs to be installed and where it needs to be, wont even launch... i hit the launch button, it tells me its loading it up then just doesnt. I have all the c++ installs where they are supposed to be and all the dll files are present, the openGL registry and reset changes have made no difference either.
  4. Tried running as admin, same error None of the registry files made a difference. startuplog.txt BrashMonkey Spriter - Version r7 Setting up main window... Successful. Initializing model... Successful. Setting up widgets... Successful. Setting up graphics viewport with openGL... Successful. Checking for stable or beta updates... QObject::connect: Cannot connect (null)::stateChanged(QNetworkSession::State) to QNetworkReplyHttpImpl::_q_networkSessionStateChanged(QNetworkSession::State) Successful. Spriter launched succesfully. I'm
  5. I've been digging at this for days now, I've been through multiple threads on this forum and reddit. I cant get the software to load, It was working previously and there's been no changes to the pc since that i'm aware of. I have windows 10 64, I have Adobe Cloud installed and I have removed ALL of the visual studio installs and reinstalled each one based on the type of error that's coming up from VCOMP120.DLL missing to the current 0xc000007b, nothing seems to be working. I am a game development student and have unity and visual studio 2019 installed, I need spriter to work to comp
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