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  1. I see. I'm still hoping that it will happen in the future. I'm off to look for alternatives then. Thank you for your honesty.
  2. Hi. Just wanted to see if there has been any updates on this actually happening. Yay or nay?
  3. Sad, but understandable. Thank you for your consideration. Looking forward to news on this PS: Would it be possible to add steam workshop support? There are always a ton of talented people who would make addons for this.
  4. Yes, that is exactly what I'm talking about. I would love to have a lot of options. The character creator is great, but it only has a handful of options when it comes to hairs and such. Dresses, civilian/villager closes would be nice too. In my opinion, you guys made a very powerful tool here and you should expand on it. I'd like to be able to populate an entire game. Character game hub has something like this, but that is for RPG maker. On top of that, I really like that with this I can make larger resolution (128x128) characters and it has other animations, like idle and activate. I don't really care much about the portrait character though. I would like to have other aimations as well, but I think that's pushing it lol. Attack, jump, take damage. All the needed things to make an action RPG. Those would be amazing and I would pay for that expansion gladly.
  5. I've owned Spriter pro and the RPG heroes pack for a few years now. I recently decided to make a top down RPG style game and started wondering if there any chance we could get an expansion/more parts to this? I know we can make them ourselves, but I'm no good at pixel art. If I was I wouldn't have gotten this in the first place.
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